Which regulator is recommended for a domestic stove or in an industrial stove?

To choose the right regulator, it is necessary to verify the pressure and the workflow of burning appliance, the type of the gas (GLP or GN) and the entrance and exit connections of installation (do not forget to verify the quantity of gas is provided).

What is the difference among single stage, first stage and second stage regulators?

Single Stage: The pressure is directly reduced to the operating pressure of the burning appliance. 1º/2º Stage: The pressure is reduced to an intermediary value (1ª stage) and then is reduced again to an operation pressure of the burning appliance (2ª stage).

The function of gas regulator is regulate the flow?

The ONLY function of gas regulator is regulate the PRESSURE according to your installation necessity. (the Regulator do not have the function to block the gas flow)

What is the piping diameter that has to be used on the installation?

  The piping diameter must be defined according to the gas consumption of installation, the distance among the gas battery and the burning points and the pressure that is on system (please, verify the installation Norm NBR 15.526)

Which is the validity of domestic regulator?

The validity of Aliança´s Regulators are 5 years, according to rule of INMETRO Nº 6 of January 8th, 2013. In case the regulator is violated, changed or used in an improperly way, this validity will not be applicable. .

What is the function of the hole in the regulator cover?

All gas regulator has a hole on the cover that is the air breather. Through this breather, the rubber diaphragm can work and consequently regulate the exit pressure.

ATTENTION – Through the regulator breather just can exit the air.

Never obstruct the hole of air breather.

The gas regulator for GLP can be used for GN?

 The gas regulator for GLP cannot be used in an installation for GN, because the pieces regulation are incompatible with the installation needs. (Work Pressure GN = 220 mmca/ Work Pressure GLP = 280 mmca)

ATTENTION – If you use a GLP gas regulator gas in an GN installation, or vice-versa, the validity of gas regulator will no longer be effective.

What are the differences among the 504/01, 505/01 and 506/01 regulators?

504/01 – Domestic Regulator 1,0kg/h GLP, has a bigger body from 1,0kg/h category and can be used until 5,0m of distance from gas cylinder to the stove.

505/01 - Domestic Regulator 1,0kg/h GLP, has a smaller body and can be used until 5,0m of distance from gas cylinder to the stove.  

506/01 – Domestic Regulator 2.0kg/h GLP, has a cover fixed with a screw and can be used until 10,m of distance from the gas cylinder to the stove.

ATTENTION - All models (504/01, 505/01 and 506/01 can be used in domestics stoves of 4/5 burners head).

Is there right position to install the gas regulator?

 The gas regulator can be installed in any POSITION, ALWAYS respecting the gas flow that is recorded on the piece.


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