How to choose the best door lock for my door?

It is important to check the door thickness, it will be the determinant for the measure of your door lock. Aliança recommends for door locks a difference of approximately 10mm between the door and the door lock, distributing 5 mm for both sides. This action will avoid the door deterioration. In case of replacement it will be considered the measure of the previous door lock, checking the drill distance, the distance between both centers and type of garnish (mirrors or rosette).

Which height should I install the door lock?

It is recommended a height from the floor between 1,00m to 1,05m

What is the drill distance?

Drill distance, also named backset, correspond to the measure between the locking cylinder (center of key local positioning) and the face of face plate.

What is Face Plate and Strike Plate?

Face Plate is the frontal part of door lock mechanism, its measure have to be observed to guide the best door’s thickness (it is recommended 10mm between the face plate and the door, distributing 5 mm for both side). Strike Plate is the installed part in door jambs, is the piece that guarantee the lacht bolt clamping in case of attempted breaking the door.

Which are the most usual measures of door lock?

Aliança offers the measures 40mm and 55mm of drill distance, these are the most used in the market. You can also find in the market the measures of 45mm and 70mm.

How is define open side of the door?

You have to look the door from its outside, if the hinges were installed on the right side we say that the door opens to the right, otherwise, we say that the door opens to the left. This observation will determine the necessity of reversal or not of the latch.

When should I not use the ball handle door?

The ideal is use ball handle door with 55mm drill door locks, Aliaça offers handle doors model ball with diameter that enables the use in 40mm machines. Others models with axis handle door decentralized that make you possible to apply it in drill distances inferior even in 40mm.

How do I measure the door lock?

Basically, there are two measures that are necessary to dimension the door lock. One of them is the drill distance and another other is the distance between the centers, that is the measure of the cylinder center, local that the key is placed, and the center of the hole where the handle door is assembled.

Which tools are necessary to install the door lock?

All Aliança door lock is followed by an installation guide printed on the product packing, a basic knowledge in tool handling is enough to you be able to install the Aliança door lock, because all the project was think to provide the maximum simplicity of its installation, without loss the quality of security. It should ensure the alignment between the pieces for the door closing the latch bolt and the deadbolt gently close and the door without any kind of friction with strike plate and/or jams. When the door doesn´t have a hole, it is recommended to hire the service of a qualified professional to install, however, in case of costumer install it, is important follow all the guide orientation, also a good talk and orientation of the salesperson. These are the basic necessary tools: screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, drilling machine and accessories, allen key, hammer, ruler.

What is a mortise door lock and an overlap door lock?

Mortise door lock is that one is assembled, inserted in the thickness of the door. For the doors and mainly gates that impossibility the insert due minor thickness, use the overlap door lock. The overlap door lock is assembled on the door frame instead of inlay and fitting it, avoiding the door fragility.

What’s the meaning of internal door and external door?

Internal doors are those ones that separate the environment in an edification, for example the door of one bedroom. Normally apply to this type of doors the doors locks called internal, that characterizes for the simplicity of secrecy. Aliança offers this model of door locks with injected keys in Zamac, galvanized and the possibility of 4-6 different of secrets. The external doors are those ones on entrance of an edification, they should be safer than the internal doors. Aliança offers door locks with cylinders that possibility a secrecy of 1,290 different secrets for a common cylinder and until 14,000,000 of possibilities of secrets in case of using tetra cylinder.

May I replace a common cylinder for a tetra cylinder without changing my door lock?

Yes, the Aliança´s mortise door locks (40mm and 55mm) were projected, thinking on this facility, the mechanic work center is the same for the both cylinders models. Therefore it is necessary to change the mirror or roset, because the tetra cylinder body is bigger in one of the sides.

What is a fixed door lock or a fixed door handle?

A fixed door lock or a fixed door handle is that one where the door handle does not have the action of trigger the latch, it stays outside of the door. This type of door lock is mainly used in commercial places as clinic for example, but also can be used in homes. The latch activation in the external part is possible with the key (the door lock has a retreat system of latch). Important: Aliança offers only door lock model type ball for fixed door handle, because door handle lever type enable the system broke, this broke does not enable the access to the environment but generates inconvenience for the end consumer.

What is reversible latch?

It is system projected to facilitate and avoid mistakes in Aliança door locks installation, because it enable the reversal (change position) of latch. So independent if the door been right or left, our costumer can easily do the position adjustment in the moment of the install of the door lock.

May I install a handle in my door without change the door lock?

No, for using the handle is necessary also apply the door locks such roller type , this type of door lock dispense the necessity of handle doors and makes a soft closing door through its system. Aliança offers door lock type roller in 55mm version and handles with 300,400, 600, 1000 mm with tubular and flat profiles.

How may I clean my door lock?

The cleaning of Aliança´s door lock is recommended to use a soft cloth or a flannel wet with water and neutral soap that enable the oil removal and accumulated heavier dirt. After the cleaning, please use a clean and dry soft cloth or a flannel to dry the door lock. Never use any type of solvent or abrasive products, because they can damage the protective film of finish of the linings. For the lubrication of cylinder use mineral oil, do not use graphite to lubricate the Aliança´s cylinders.

May I have a unique key to open all the doors?

Exist the possibility, this is called master key. But some condition has to be attend, for example all the door locks must be external type. Our costumer can obtain more information and orientation thought our SAC.

Do I have any warranty for my door lock?

Yes, Aliança provides a 5 years warranty for your door locks, since they have not been violated. For more information you can contact in our SAC.

What’s meaning the information on packing label of my door lock: traffic, corrosion resistance, degree of safety?

According to ABNT NBR 14913 classification, they summarize: Traffic refers to the frequency of using, and it classifies in intense (homes, offices, etc), medium (homes, clinics, etc) or light (communication between the rooms of a residence). Corrosion resistance refers to how much the lining of the door lock supports when exposed an extreme condition (saline mist). According to norm it can have degree 4 (144 hours), degree 3 (72 hours), degree 2 (48 hours), degree 1 (24 hours), in the end of test the lining cannot present changes and the operation product cannot be changed either. Degree of safety – refers to resistance of deadbolt when submitted to break in force, it can be maximum (external, internal and bath doors), too high (external, internal and bath doors), high (external, internal and bath doors), middle (external, internal and bath doors) and minimum (internal and bath doors).

The door locks has salty air resistance?

The metals that present more durability are aluminum, stainless steel and brass. To prolong the life of the product Aliança recommends a minimum cleaning every each 3 or 4 weeks, using a wet flannel in water and a little bit of neutral soap. After you can use a dry and clean flannel.


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